Natural Weight Management

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Slimwell Natural Weight Management program

Finally, a Weight Management program which is totally natural, focusing on your health.

  • Are you really losing excess fat when you lose weight?
  • Want to lose weight healthily but have no idea how?
  • Having difficulty maintaining your weight after losing it?
  • Feeling unwell and sick after you have managed to lose some weight?

Book an initial consultation to kick start the program which will provide answers to these questions.

The Most Affordable Weight Loss Program

  • No celebrity endorsement (so you don’t have to pay the fees paid to celebrities)
  • No fancy packaging
  • Just the real natural nutrition you need to manage your weight naturally

With our current special offer, from less than the cost of a lunch and a coffee per day (consultation, monitoring, support and supplements included), the Slimwell Natural Weight Management program is the most value for money and affordable guided and monitored weight management program currently available in the market.

Natural Weight Management

Look Good, Feel Great with Healthy Weight Loss

Feel Great with Healthy Weight Loss

Carrying excess weight in the body not only makes you feel unattractive, it reduces your energy levels, increases your inflammatory responses, increases your risk of degenerative diseases and increases your biological age. There are many diets available. The most effective and sustainable fat loss programs are those based on sound nutritional principles. The Slimwell Natural Weight Management program emphasizes on losing fat through good nutrition and healthy eating without calorie counting or starvation.  It is important to know that when you lose weight you are in fact losing fat and not precious muscle mass or just water.   The Slimwell Natural Weight Management program objectively measures your body composition and cellular health with scientifically proven tool. The program not only helps you to shake off the fats, but more importantly also help you gain more energy, reduces your inflammatory responses and extends longevity.

The program provides you with support and the frequent monitoring and follow-up ensures you are losing the right body composition and building good cellular health. Members who join the program are given the opportunity to attend seminars on nutrition, managing health the natural way, healthy cooking and food preparation techniques to help achieve their goals. The program is suitable for people who want to lose as little or as much weight as desired. The program is designed and the products are formulated by a naturopath based on sound naturopathic nutritional principles and utilises natural foods and herbs.   It is more than just a weight loss program and emphasises on overall good health with the objective of minimising the risk of chronic diseases through healthy weight management.

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Eat to lose weight and maintain your weight lost

eat to lose weightIf you lose your weight by simply cutting your meals without regards to good nutrition, you will very easily regain your weight or even more when you start to eat again.

This is because your body’s natural reaction to starving is to store all food eaten as reserves just in case you starve your body again and the body needs fuel. We hold thrifty genes from our history of famine where food was hard to find.  Our thrifty genes switch on to reserve food to keep food for rainy days if we constantly go on a "diet".

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Are you losing fats or precious lean muscles or just water?

lose fat not muscleWhen you hop on and see yourself losing weight on a scale, what are you really losing?  The term weight loss can be misleading in terms of what we are actually losing.  When you measure your weight on a scale, you are measuring your actual total body weight.  We need to consider what our total body weight is made up of.  Our total body weight actually include our muscle, cells, organs, the fluid inside these tissues as well as fats which we are trying to lose.  So, for argument sake, if you lose an organ, you will also be losing weight.  But, is this the weight you want to lose?

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