Natural Weight Management

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About Us

One common observation over the years of running a natural health supplement retail store and a naturopathic consultation clinic, is that clients who have a lot of issues with their health are usually overweight or hold excessive abdominal fats, that is the skinny fat.  Over the years, we have managed to help a lot of our clients address their chronic health problems and achieve great improvements in their health by helping them lose weight and maintain a healthy weight naturally.  This has led us to conclude that obesity and excessive abdominal fats are closely linked to many chronic health problems, some of which can be life threatening, other conditions erode a person’s quality of life.  Once a person is able to lose weight and/or excessive abdominal fats and maintain a healthy weight through good nutrition, whole foods and antioxidants, many of their health issues will be addressed and some may even be reversed.

However, we found that although there are a lot of weight loss programs and products in the market, some of them are not natural and may even contain harmful ingredients.  Some involve unhealthy eating habits that will cause rebound weight gain after the program.  Others are isolated products that do not address the needs of the body entirely.  This led us to design a program with products that provide a natural and comprehensive solution to healthy weight management.  The VBN range of natural weight management products is distributed by Vitaboost Nutrition (NZ) Limited and the natural weight management program is available currently at Nutriactionz Natural Health Clinic.

Vitaboost Nutrition (NZ) Limited is a New Zealand based natural health supplement company founded specifically to formulate, manufacture and distribute high quality natural health products to the growing natural health sector.  The company is part of the Vitaboost NZ group of businesses operating NutriActionz Natural Health Clinic, a naturopathic consultation business and Health e-Sense, a natural health and whole food retail store operating from Flat  Bush in Auckland since 2005.

Irene Lok CA, BHSc (CompMed), ND, MH, NC - Director & Principal Naturopath

Irene comes from a background of commerce and health science. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Economics and Diploma for Graduate in Finance from the University of Otago. She qualified as a chartered accountant in the 1990s. She spent 7 years in franchise development, three of which were in New Zealand where she worked as a Senior Consultant with a leading franchise consulting company in Auckland.

After a health disaster struck her family, Irene returned to university to study health science. She currently holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Complementary Medicine, is a qualified naturopath, medical herbalist and nutritional consultant. She is a registered member of the New Zealand Society of Naturopaths and the Charter of Natural Medicine Practitioners. She is currently undertaking a PostGraduate Diploma in Health Science majoring in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture.

She has been involved in the natural health business since 2005, running a retail health and wholefood store and a naturopathic consulting clinic in Auckland.  She is the Founder, Director and Principal Naturopath of Nutriactionz Natural Health Clinic in Flat Bush, near Manukau City, Auckland.  With her continuous studies in Traditional Chinese Medicines and Acupuncture, she has become the most empowering natural remedies expert for chronic diseases and weight management in Auckland combining the best of western and eastern natural therapies.  With years of experience and research working with chronically unwell and overweight people and observing changes in their health and metabolic markers as they lost weight, she formulated the VBN natural weight management program that addresses many of the physiological imbalances expressed in overweight people.  The program is designed to help people lose fat through good nutrition and healthy eating habits so that they can maintain a healthy weight throughout their lives. She has also researched into longevity and the impact of obesity and insulin resistance on lifespan and healthspan. As a result, she has formulated a high potency natural antioxidant to support good cellular health and energy production as part of her weight management program.

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