Natural Weight Management

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Are you addicted to sugar?

Do you have an unstoppable craving for cookies, ice-cream, chocolate, soft drinks or high carbohydrate snacks?  Is this an indication of your weak willpower, moral weakness or a brain response to some stimulus?

Sweet treats are usually bad news because they provide a spike to your blood sugar levels but relatively empty in nutritional content.  If you think you do not consume sugar, think again.  Have you recently (even today or this week) consumed cereals, raisin bread, potato chips, or a savoury bran muffin?  All these foods, regardless of what the food manufacturers tell you about the calories, convert to sugar, some more and faster than others.

The effect of this sugar addiction is an increase in our waistlines. Even in foods that you wouldn’t normally expect to be sweet like a burger bun at a fastfood restaurant or Pad Thai, sugar is added in to “add flavour”. And we are so tuned in to the amount of sugar in foods, that if they are not there, we may feel something is missing. The sadder part of the story is that we are giving all these foods to our children and see rising cases of obesity and diabetes amongst our children.  Who is to blame?

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Losing Weight can be Easy if You Start Your Weight Loss Journey on the Right Track

When you are thinking of losing weight, you need to want to do this because you want to enjoy a better life with a healthier and more energetic body.   When looking at how to lose weight, you must always evaluate the method you use by asking yourself how it will affect your health.  Dieting or starvation is a perceived quick and easy way that can help you lose weight, but it is not a healthy way and it will never help you to keep the weight off in the long run. You may achieve massive weight loss in a short period of time through dieting, but you will regain your weight in a vengeance when you stop dieting.  Weight gain or obesity is a symptom as a result of a way of life. Something needs to change in your lifestyle if you want to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. Weight loss is usually not simply about food. There may be a lot of physiological reasons why you are gaining weight or cannot lose weight no matter what you do. These reasons need to be understood and investigated so that changes can be made.

Before you make a commitment and embark on your journey to losing weight, you must be able to answer these three important questions truthfully so that you can start off on the right track:

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