Natural Weight Management

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Eat to lose weight and maintain your weight lost

eat to lose weightIf you lose your weight by simply cutting your meals without regards to good nutrition, you will very easily regain your weight or even more when you start to eat again.

This is because your body’s natural reaction to starving is to store all food eaten as reserves just in case you starve your body again and the body needs fuel. We hold thrifty genes from our history of famine where food was hard to find.  Our thrifty genes switch on to reserve food to keep food for rainy days if we constantly go on a "diet".

Having unhealthy eating habits or using starvation as a way of losing weight also causes the loss of precious lean muscles, which are the furnace to help burn body fats.  As lean muscles are eroded, it becomes more difficult to burn fats giving rise to rebound weight gain which may even be more than the amount of weight lost.  You need to know how and what to eat to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.

So yes, you can actually eat sensibly to lose weight.  The key is knowing what food to eat and the nutrition you need.  The Slimwell Natural Weight Management Program is a comprehensive program that includes nutritional supplements your body need entirely to help you lose fat and maintain health.  The program monitors the body composition changes and cellular health quality to ensure that weight loss is sustainable.  Members of the program have the opportunity to attend seminars on nutrition, managing health the natural way, healthy eating and food preparation techniques.  Do not judge your weight loss just by what you see on the scales, it does not reflect the body composition that you want to lose, i.e. fat and the composition you want to gain, i.e. lean muscle.

The program educates you on healthy eating habits and lifestyle that encourages eating not starving to lose and maintain your weight.


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