Natural Weight Management

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Are you losing fats or precious lean muscles or just water?

lose fat not muscleWhen you hop on and see yourself losing weight on a scale, what are you really losing?  The term weight loss can be misleading in terms of what we are actually losing.  When you measure your weight on a scale, you are measuring your actual total body weight.  We need to consider what our total body weight is made up of.  Our total body weight actually include our muscle, cells, organs, the fluid inside these tissues as well as fats which we are trying to lose.  So, for argument sake, if you lose an organ, you will also be losing weight.  But, is this the weight you want to lose?

Our muscle mass is important for weight loss and you would not want to lose this when you lose weight.  When you are going on a weight loss program, you are really concerned about losing the unwanted fats.  In order to achieve a healthy weight loss, you need to constantly measure your total fat level and more importantly, your total muscle mass.  Your body composition needs to be regularly monitored to check that you are at the right track.

Your muscle mass determines your metabolic rate and is where energy is produced.  So if your muscle mass is low, your metabolic rate will slow down giving you low energy levels and making it harder for your body to burn stored fat.  So, ultimately, if you can get your muscle mass up, you will find that your effort to lose weight will be more efficient.  You will also be definitely feeling great with the increased energy levels!

The Slimwell Natural Weight Management program involves regular monitoring of your body fat and muscle mass composition as well as your cellular health using Bioimpedance Cellular Health Analysis.  Bioimpedance Cellular Health Analysis is a scientifically validated test that was originally developed for the use in monitoring hospital patients after surgery.  With Bioimpedance Cellular Health Analysis, we can objectively monitor your weight loss progress and help you achieve healthy weight loss by losing the unwanted fat, not lean muscle or just water.


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