Natural Weight Management

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between the VBN Shape Up Protein Plus and the other protein powder in the market?

A lot of people have a problem with more allergenic types of protein like whey and soy with symptoms of gastrointestinal upsets, constipation and other allergic reactions. The VBN Shape Up Protein Plus uses yellow pea and brown rice protein which have very low allergenicity. Yellow pea and brown rice complement each other in their amino acid profile providing a complete protein.  Yellow pea protein and rice protein are easily digestible and the amino acids in these proteins help with synthesis of skeletal muscles. The brown rice protein used is silky smooth in texture, not the typical gritty and chalky rice protein in the market. Also, unlike most protein powder in the market, additional herbs and minerals are added in to synergistically help with metabolism, fat burning, support blood sugar balance and support healthy energy production. It blends well into water and tastes delicious just by itself or blended into smoothies.  All ingredients used in this dairy free protein powder is non-GMO.

What are the herbs and minerals added in the VBN Shape Up Protein Plus and what are their benefits?

Caralluma, green tea and beetroot have been added to the VBN Shape Up Protein Plus to make it a fuss free weight loss process. These herbs are added in to get the benefits of fat loss in a shake. Caralluma increases fat burning in the body and increases energy.  In controlled clinical trials, caralluma helps participants to feel more energetic and gain lean muscle mass while losing fat.  The active ingredient in caralluma, pregnane glycosides, prevents fat accumulation and blocks the formation of fatty acids in the liver. Published research has shown that caralluma decreased waist circumference and appetite in overweight subjects. Green tea contains polyphenols EGCG cathechins that help the thermogenic fat burning activity.  Beetroot is a natural detoxifier and blood cleanser. Beetroot also benefits the liver and kidneys in helping with eliminating fats and toxins from the body in a weight loss program.

The minerals added have been carefully selected to give you the best results to achieve your fat loss goals. Potassium is a crucial mineral in the management of acid-base balance of the body and healthy electrolyte balance.

Why can't I just do weigh in to find out how much fat I have lost?

Weigh in will only tell you how much body weight your have lost. You will have no idea whether the weight lost is muscle or just water. The term weight loss can be misleading in terms of what you are actually losing.  When you measure your weight on a scale, you are measuring your actual total body weight. You need to consider what your total body weight is made up of.  Your total body weight actually include your muscle, cells, organs, the fluid inside these tissues as well as fats which you are trying to lose.  So, by just doing a weigh in, which a lot of weight loss programs in the market offer, will not tell you how much fat you have lost. You need to perform a Bioimpedance Cellular Health Analysis to evaluate your body composition to see how much fat you have actually lost.  If you are losing lean muscle or just water, your weight lost is not healthy.  That's why we often have people come to our clinic feeling unwell after trying to lose weight without the appropriate professional guidance.  

I have been on other weight loss program before with little success.  How can the Slimwell Natural Weight Management Program help me?

Many weight loss programs are based on a “diet”. When a person gets onto a “diet” it is usually for the short term. If the program is not built on nutritionally sound principles, there can be rebound weight gain once the person gets off the “diet”.  Some “diets” include ingredients like aspartame, acesulphame K and other toxic artificial sweeteners in their food or meal replacements, or require calorie counting which is deceiving as there are many unhealthy foods that are low calorie.  Different foods that have the same caloric value do not have the same metabolic effect.  Some other programs are built on starvation, and require a period of abstinence from food before the person can eat again. This slows down the metabolism and could increase cravings.

Slimwell is designed to cultivate a healthy way of life and good eating habits. It is built on nutrition that the body needs to return to its healthy physiological function. It is designed to burn fats and synthesize lean muscles, and that combination will also improve health and energy without starvation or calorie counting or any complicated method of food portioning. It is built on REAL food, which supplies many of the nutritional needs of our body. Your weight loss objective is monitored frequently through Bioimpedance Cellular Health Analysis rather than just a simple weigh in.  The support provided by the program is based on our experience helping people succeed over the years through education and knowledge.


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