Natural Weight Management

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Irene's Story

Choose to be Healthy Before it is Too Late

Irene LokI was originally trained as a chartered accountant until a tragedy hit my family. My father was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2003 and he passed away within 20 days of diagnosis. What was meant to be a 2 week trip to visit him 3 days after he was diagnosed with cancer turned out to be an extended trip that I said my final good bye to my father. It was too difficult to accept that he suddenly perished from the face of the earth. I returned to New Zealand, adamant to know what we could have done differently, and what the key is to health. Hoping the doctors could have the final answer when a disease is diagnosed certainly did not help us.

Journey to Natural Health

That set me on to a long journey of setting up a natural health store, and returning to tertiary studies in nutrition, naturopathy and herbal medicine. It was a challenging journey balancing business, studies and family. I studied on a part-time basis and after 5 years finally completed my Bachelor of Health Science in Complementary Medicine, Diploma in Naturopathy and Diploma in Herbal Medicine. I have since joined the New Zealand Society of Naturopaths Inc. as well as the Charter of Natural Medicine Practitioners in New Zealand.

Don't Ignore Your Body's Signals by just Masking the Symptoms

In hindsight, my father complained for many years that he suffered from fatigue, sleep maintenance insomnia, frequent cramps and was a diabetic. He was on poly-pharmacy, using multiple drugs to control his symptoms. We were too ignorant to address the underlying cause of his health challenges. In his last visit to New Zealand about 6 months before his death, he appeared "normal" with all the other symptoms that he used to have. What I noticed then were many veins, now I can say they were spider veins on his leg. My father dismissed it as part of "growing old". This is a very common mistake that people make, dismissing many symptoms and warnings as part of ageing. My father lost his life so I could learn and share with you - "Never work on suppressing symptoms in the long term but treat the underlying cause, be it physical, mental or emotional."

Making the Choice to be Healthy without Drugs

When my elder son was a child, visiting the paediatrician was a common thing for us. He was put on inhalers to control his asthma and if things got worse, we would bring him back for the nebuliser. I used to puzzle why he would fall sick more during the times I was busier at work. What used to happen was that when I was busy, I would have some quick, nutrient deficient meals out. When we moved over to New Zealand in 2002, my son developed eczema. We slapped on the creams the doctor prescribed for him. When the creams are on, his eczema went off, when the creams were off, the eczema came on. There was no advice on what we could have done differently, addressing his nutritional needs, any food allergies or intolerances he could be reacting to, his emotional needs, etc. When I finally did a food allergy and intolerance test on him, the results showed that he was allergic to dairy, and cow's milk was his staple breakfast! Was there any wonder that he was always sick? I worked through with him on his diet and nutritional supplementation. His asthma is gone and he is a healthy teenage lad now with the help of all the new learnings and changes in his diet that we had made these years since I ventured into the world of naturopathy and herbal medicine. If you want different results, you have do things differently!

Counter Chronic Degenerative Diseases with Healthy Weight Loss

Being overweight predisposes a person to higher risk of degenerative diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer.  Years of helping people reverse their chronic health problems by supporting healthy weight loss through natural remedies has led me to the design of the Slimwell Natural Weight Management Programme. It is a totally natural and holistic approach to weight loss, with an emphasis on losing fat,not muscle or water through good nutrition and healthy eating without calorie counting or starvation. The programme objectively evaluates your body composition and cellular health using Bioimpedance Cellular Health Analysis and members have the opportunity to attend free healthy food preparation workshops.

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