Natural Weight Management

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Look Good & Feel Great by Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Here are what some of our clients said about their achievements by maintaining a healthy weight after following our healthy eating advice and consultation:

Weight Loss

"I came in with the intention of losing weight & to be more energised. The outcome has been awesome with changes to a healthy eating lifestyle & introducing exercise into daily life & now quite enjoying that.....Great when people recognise / compliment on my weight loss." - J. Myatt
Irene: J. Myatt lost 17.5kg of fat mass and her biological age was 15 years younger after the program.

"I didn't feel right in myself healthwise and wanted to do something about my weight.  I knew if I didn't start soon, I wouldn't be around too much longer.....the biggest impact was good nutritional food balanced by regular exercise....I now have a lifestyle eating plan (it has never been referred to as a "diet" in my household)... and thanks to you Irene - you have always been just as excited as me when the good things happen." - W. Cooper 

High Cholesterol

"...I just wanted to let you know how I was getting on. I had a cholesterol test shortly before coming to see you initially and another one earlier this week and my cholesterol levels have come down from 8.6 to 7.2!  Still too high, but the great thing about it is the speed that it's coming down. When my GP rang with the results this morning he said "Whatever you're doing - keep doing it!"". - K. Metcalfe


"I have been a diabetic for 15 years. My fasting blood sugar levels in the morning was between 8 to 9 before I started on the Detoxification for Health and blood sugar balancing eating plan that Irene put me on. After commencing the program, my energy levels picked up and I felt really good. The best part was my fasting blood sugar levels dropped to around 6 (it was 6.2 this morning). The recipes taste good and my wife is also enjoying the foods. I am impressed that things can improve so quickly." - L. Mataia




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