Natural Weight Management

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The Slimwell Natural Weight Management Program

Over the years as a wellness naturopathic practice, we have been successfully helping people feel good and look great through natural remedies including helping them lose weight, particularly excess body fats naturally. Our success stories include clients who used to be unwell despite the number of doctors they had consulted.  Many of our clients have been able to reverse their chronic health problems simply by supporting and maintaining healthy weight loss.  This clinical experience has led to the design of the Slimwell Natural Weight Management Program.

The program is formulated and designed by our qualified naturopath over the years from her experience dealing with overweight individuals.  It is a totally natural, complete program and uses a holistic approach to weight loss.  The program emphasizes on losing fat not precious lean muscle or just water through good nutrition and healthy eating without calorie counting or starvation. The program objectively evaluates your body composition and cellular health using Bioimpedance Cellular Health Analysis with the opportunity for members to attend healthy food preparation workshops for free.

The program includes two meal replacements, supplements, consultation, fortnightly weigh in & Bioimpedance Cellular Health Analysis, nutrition seminars and a supportive environment to help you achieve your weight loss objective.

Lose Weight and Maintain a Healthy Weight by Joining the Program

By joining the program, you will get the following products and services:

  • the VBN Shape up Protein Plus (for 6 weeks);
  • Supplements for supporting your fat metabolism and cellular health;
  • Initial fat loss consultation with Bioimpedance Cellular Health Analysis;
  • Fortnightly Bioimpedance Cellular Health Analysis & weigh in (3 sessions);
  • Fat Loss Guidance Folder including recipes, tracking sheets; and
  • One year free membership entitles you to access online resources & food wisdom seminars.

The program is available at NutriActionz Natural Health Clinic.  For more information, contact us or call us now on 09-272 8203, or click here to book an initial consultation online.  When you book online, select "Consultation & BioImpedance Analysis" which is the initial consultation to kick start the Slimwell Natural Weight Management program to help you lose weight, particularly the unwanted excess fats.

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